Using fabric spray paint on furniture

If you are looking around at your old furniture and want to replace it with a new item, it is worthwhile to think again and give your other options some consideration.

Buying a new item can be quite costly, and let’s face it, they don’t make them like they used to! Instead, why not transform your old dull and dated furniture piece into something sleek and modern.

Getting your furniture reupholstered can be costly

A lot of people may hire someone and get their furniture reupholstered. Although this is effective after paying for the materials and the labor it may actually cost more than buying a new piece of furniture.

Other solutions can be time-consuming

With cost in mind, another option is to reupholster it yourself. Unfortunately, not everyone is skilled in this trade. It may result in being a very time-consuming process and not done correctly if you can stay motivated to finish it.

An easier option would be to paint it manually with a brush which could also be a time-consuming process. An easier option but possibly a messier one, nobody wants paint spilled or splattered onto their floors or walls. Even if you put a sheet below to prevent this, it still might be a messy affair. Also, you may have to buy a paintbrush as well as the paint. Leading to another expense.

The recommended choice to bringing your old item back to life

The final option is to use spray paint from on upholstery fabric to give your old furniture new life to create the picture-perfect look. This low investment choice is the most effective and time efficient.

It can be applied faster and will dry faster with the result being a wonderful vibrant color. This paint is both soft and flexible doesn’t disappear after repeated washing

You can use this media to personalize your furniture by painting fabric and using stencils to create custom designs. Can also be used to personalize clothing items such a t-shirts, shoes and jeans by applying the spray paint to create custom designs which are designed to last for a long time and not crack or fade. 

A more eco-friendly option

This spray paint media is more environmentally friendly than others as it is nontoxic and therefore no aerosol propellants are emitted into the air when using it. 

Steps to follow when applying the paint

Before applying the paint it is important to clean the surface of the fabric on the furniture to remove any dirt or dust on it. This can be done by rubbing it with a damp cloth and let it air dry. Not all upholstery fabrics may be suitable to spray paint. It would be a good idea to do a test on a small area before you use it on the whole area.

Easy steps to follow:

  • Purchase the fabric spray paint
  • Clean the old furniture
  • Apply the paint
  • Allow drying time
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