Types of Trashcan

Trashcan, as we all know, is the container for disposing of waste items. However, not all waste items are used for landfill or taken to the incinerator, there are also some that are used as landfill, some can be recycled, and some can be used as organic which means they can be used to feed animals and serve as nutrients to plant. I believe after reading this article you will not be amazed when you come across any of this. This article will let you know more about this. The type goes thus:-

Organic Green Bin

Organic waste products like vegetable scraps, Hair, Animal wastes, lawn clipping, weeds and other things that we can get from our kitchen or from our gardens. However, if you are wondering what all this are used for, they are taken to normally converted to soils, mulch, and compost. Note, never put items like stone, plastic bags, glass and metals nappies and other items into the organic green bin.

Public place Bin

Public place bin is usually found in public places like parks, public gardens, and other public areas. They are supposed to be used like the ones at your home. There are two types of public place bin and these are the waste bin and the recycling bin. However, commercial or business waste cannot be put in the public place bin. This waste is taken to the same place where your waste and recycling bin are taken.

Recycle Bin

This is the type of bin that is made to collect items that can be recycled. Items like glass bottle and jars, aluminum can, newspaper, magazine, plastic container and other items. However, liquids, engine oil, clothing, electronics like television, radio and others are not recyclable and should not be put in the recycle bin. The disposed bins are usually taken to the recycling plant where the recycled items will be separated from contaminants.

Rubbish or the Waste bin

This type of bin is made to be used at home to collect all wastes that cannot serve as organic compost or fertilizer and also cannot be recycled. The items that can be put in a rubbish bin include plastic bags, broken glass cups, baby nappies, and other thins that cannot fit into the other type of bins. However, all these items are usually taken to landfill areas to dispose of without further processing or separation.

These are the types of trashcans that are available. For further information visit Trash That.

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