Top 6 Tips To Sell Your Old Car

Are you ready to sell your old car? And you want the best price for your used car? Then read on our top tips that you must 

1.  Make Your Car Shine and Look Best 

The presentation is very important while you sell anything.  Same is true while selling your car. You need to make your car look good and attractive to the buyer.
Be ready to clean inside out –washing, waxing and polishing your car to make it shine. If you don’t have time, get help from your local car repair guy. If you are in Coventry and need help with the servicing of your old car, get in touch with 
Rowley Auto LTD

2.  Price Your Car Right 

Now is the time you have to price your car. You have to price it right so that you don’t drive away your potential buyers because of high price tag or price it too low.
Decide on what extras you are giving away with the car.

3. List the car 

Now that you are done with the pricing, its time to get the word out. Decide what would be the best places to advertise your car.
Post your ads online. Post the most recent pictures of your car.  Mention all details about the car. But, remember not to put out the personal number or home address in the ads. 

4.  Have your documents ready 

Have all the important documents like the log book,  service records and the manual ready for the buyer to look into. If you have serviced your car recently and be selling with some new stuff like new tires or headlights, show those receipts to the buyer. 

5. Set A Meeting With The Buyer 

As you get inquiries from an interested buyer, set a meeting with the buyer. You may keep it somewhere close from your home. You can have a friend or relative accompany you for safety.
If you are inviting the buyer to your garage, be sure, that you make it clean and tidy before the buyer comes.
Wear nice clothes for the meeting. You are now a salesman.
Ask the buyer  for a test drive for his satisfaction. If he’s ready to buy, now, it’s the time for price negotiation.
Never negotiate the price before the test drive.  Make them love the car. Even if they want to negotiate about the price.
6. Seal the deal 

Yes, you have to be prepared to haggle a bit. But after both of you come to a price settlement, seal the deal officially. Accept the cash and hand over the car. If you are paid in cheque, wait for it to be cleared before you pass on to the new buyer. 

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