To Be a Tree or to Freeze When You Die?

Nowadays, people live practically. And as it turns out, wanting to die in a practical approach isn’t a foreign notion either.

Nowadays, people don’t simply settle on getting cremated or having a traditional burial. Their options now include the Bios Urn and cryogenic freezing.

Let’s explore the options below.

Option A: A Tree’s Side

One of your options is the Bios Urn. It’s a 100% biodegradable urn that will convert you into a seed (that is intended to grow into a tree) once your body gives out.

Its materials are as follows: cellulose, compacted peat, and coconut shell. It features a bottom cone where your ashes go and a top capsule where the germination of the seed happens.

The idea here is to allow the germination process to start. And once the germination is complete, the seed is supposed to be strong enough to contact the ashes and grow.

This option is a lot like a typical cremation. The difference is in the urn.

With an ordinary urn and a typical cremation, your remains will forever be that way – ashes.

But if you go with the Bios Urn, your choosing the environmentally-friendly option. Your remains will help in growing a tree.

Option B: Freezing “Should” Be the Standard

Then there’s cryogenic freezing, a more “structured” option.

This requires you to sign a contract that grants permission to a medical team to put your body (after you die) in a freezer. The payment you need to set aside for this isn’t cheap. But if things go well, the rewards are quite promising.

The goal here is to preserve your body and put it away in storage until there is a means for revival. And therefore, various fluids are injected into your system to help limit the damages caused by freezing.

Furthermore, this is intended to extend your life – to bring you into the future. Granted that there are technological advancements that can make the impossible possible, you can live and breathe long after you were proclaimed dead.

This seems like a futuristic option and by the fast-paced approach of the modern world, this is a good one.

But of course, don’t rush into it. You should be familiar with the features of this option before giving the go signal.

Final Thoughts

This notion is rather new to many people. Especially if they didn’t encounter any problem with the usual approach when a person passes away, they might even reject this idea.

However, times have changed. And this discussion about your decays becoming a tree or an ice capsule seems only practical, don’t you think?

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