Noting Few Name Tag Mistakes and the Ways to Avoid Them

Designing name tags has become part of every event, meetings and even in marketing shows. The essentiality of name tag is to help people recognise others present at the event or meeting. You are able to talk comfortably with the person having the name tag as it reflects a sense of belonging in the group.

Importance of name tags:

  • Able to recognise acquaintances immediately aiding to converse without any awkwardness. In short, it helps to generate professionalism.
  • It promotes confidence in the card holder and enables to meet new business associates and conduct meetings with ease.
  • Helps to promote your business in corporate events. It becomes a branding tool for your company.
  • Aid to modify security system of your company’s working premises.
  • Wearer of the tag presents a friendly atmosphere between both the service provider and the clients who visit the firm for further business transactions. In simple words, it acts as an introduction to for an effective business makes it profitable.

Many times due to ignorance or by misconception the design of the name tags aren’t suitable to aid the benefits probably associated with wearing ID cards.

Few mistakes usually observed are:

  • Name and credentials are printed in quite small letters making it unable for the viewer to read it clearly.  The best ones are when the card beholder’s personal info can be seen from 5 feet away.
  • The info should be of only few lines such as name, the person’s status in the firm and the section the person is employed.
  • The logo should be printed clearly at the top. The background designs should not shadow the printed letters.
  • Lanyards attached to the badges should be made of the best material and attached rightly as loose or torn lanyard won’t help in portraying a good image of the card holder as well as the company’s reputation is affected in front of clients and business dealers.
  • The name tag shouldn’t twist oppositely facing your torso instead of facing the front. The solution for the issue is to utilise non twisting lanyard of good quality. Even using double hook attachments will help to keep the badge in the right position.
  • Always select a durable material to design the name badge. Easily bending and breaking badges are surely playing a negative role in promoting the good will of your company’s name.

It will be highly beneficial to shop now for having durable and best identity cards to be used by your employees.

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