How to Make Gutter Inspection Safe and Cheaper

The use of drones has taken a turn for the better, with these small unmanned aircraft you can check out areas that are unsafe for routine inspection. The cost is also low, because using a drone costs anything between $50 and $200 while using scaffolding and other tools can cost thousands of dollars.

Erecting Scaffolding vs. Using a Drone

For gutter and roof inspections, you had to erect scaffolding traditionally. Drones have changed this, and now all you need to do is to send the drone up into the air, and you have the views you need. Additionally, you enhance your safety and avoid the accidents that occur during a site inspection.

These drones come equipped with high definition video cameras that provide high-resolution images of the areas that you target such as tiles, chimney, gutter, tiles, and brickwork.

Before you decide to erect scaffolding, you need to try an aerial drone. You can target specific locations with the aerial photography or go for a general outlook on the property.

Where Can You Use the Drone?

Using the drone comes in when you have to access areas that you wouldn’t usually access without specialized equipment. If the roof is experiencing leaks during rainfall, you can use a drone to check out the extent of leaking. The drone helps you inspect the inaccessible roof.

You can also check out plant growth on the gutters to confirm the causes of a blockage that prevents rainwater from draining off the gutters. Most of the plants are usually not visible from the ground. The drone readily identifies the presence of debris or plants growing in the gutters.

How Do You Use the Images and Videos?

You need to make use of the videos and images that you generate through the survey process to make decisions. You can take the drone lower and nearer to the roof to make sure you have a clear view of the roof and everything else. You can use the GPS locator to know where the issue is located.

The Kind of Drone You Need

You need a drone with unique features to make sure you get the best images and video clips. The drone ought to have a long-lasting battery to give you continuous images without the need to take it in for charging. The camera should also be high definition so that it can deliver high-resolution images for you to use. Check out one such drone at


Make sure you have the right drone for better roof and gutter inspection. The drone needs to have the right features for the task.

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