Looking for The Webcast Vendors? Here are Questions to Ask!

The business of webcasting has realized exponential growth as smaller firms are coming up to offer quality webcasting services at affordable rates. Established firms on the other hand are developing new and better features to withstand competition. To the customer, this is both a “blessing” and a “curse”. Blessing because, one can get variety at a relatively low fee and a “curse” since selecting the best vendor can be so tedious. The best way of approaching this situation is engaging the webcast vendors in conversations that are geared at understanding their potential at providing the best services.

Questions to Ask

The first thing one should ask about is the vendor’s track record. Webcasting is a business that involves several activities like networking, encoding and software management. These services are normally exposed to various risks. Webcast vendors should therefore have well-established systems which can effectively mitigate the risks in order to sustain quality and efficient services. The vendor should also be willing to share their performance records when asked. The next question should be about the vendor’s resiliency plan. In case of technical errors such as network failures, what is their back up plan? Seek to understand whether their failover system is either automatic or manual because manual systems are slower when initializing.

Support Model

The web casting vendors you talk to should be able to provide adequate support all through the process i.e. before the webcast, during the presentation and after the process. The best way of understanding the vendor’s support structure is analyzing the ratio of webcasts they handle in relation to the number of staff during the presentation. The best vendor is that whose ratio of employees to vendors is small. Other factors to consider include: the response times of the support team and whether one has immediate access to support team while on live video casting.

Mobile Audiences and Pricing

Over the past 18months, webcasts presented to mobile audiences has witnessed a growth of up to 150%. This is until December 2014 and this growth is expected to continue in 2015 and in the years to come. While seeking the best webcast vendors, one should confirm which mobile devices are well supported and they should try viewing a link from the vendor on a tablet or smartphone. Finally, before committing to the vendor’s services, seek to know their prices for each service i.e. from the registration of data to the training sessions and the cost of reporting and performance analysis, if they offer such extra services.


Selecting the right webcast vendors requires a proper understanding the vendors’ operations and preparedness to mitigate any risks. Good vendor should be able to answer all the questions or concerns mentioned in the article by providing proof of their abilities. One should not be deceived by any attractive prices offered by the vendors since in some cases it is just a form of attraction that conceals their inefficiency. In fact, the cost of managing a successful webcasting business is relatively high and this is the reason why such services are relatively high.