Install Highly Efficient Combination Boilers

Combination boilers popularly known as combi boilers are the condensing boilers which are highly efficient than the traditional boilers. They occupy less space in the house and because of their compact size and high efficiency they are installed in most of the new heating system installations. Combi boilers are the latest trend for the small houses and constructions due to its efficiency and less maintenance. If you need to hire the services of the professional plumbers for installation and repair of the combi boilers then click for more information on the website

Need to choose combi boiler

When you install combi boiler, there is no need to set the thermostat temperature every time. Thus, there will be protection from the instant and sudden change in the temperature. It is good to install if you have less space.

Pros of the combi boilers

Benefits of using combi boilers are as follows;

  • It is highly efficient in its operations and hence ideal for the small house.
  • Consumes less energy so saves utility bills.
  • Combi boilers are less complex than the other kinds of boilers so they are cheap to purchase and install.
  • Traditional boilers are generally bigger in size and occupy lots of space while the combi boilers are compact in size.
  • It is really safe to use the combi boilers. As, the water fed in the combi boiler is directly from the mains so it is safe to drink and cook food.
  • Even if you are selling or giving your property on rent with the combi boiler, then it will be easy for the seller or landlord to show it on the energy safety certificate.
  • Less sludge is built up in the central heating system with combi boiler so it is easy to clean and maintain.

Cons of the combi boilers

Despite several advantages of the combi boilers, there are many issues which are proven to be the drawback for the installation of the combi boilers. So, before installing the combi boilers, you should keep the following disadvantages in mind;

  • It is not possible to use the combi boiler for more than one shower or bath at a time. If you live in the big house with many bathrooms, then this type of boiler may be problematic.
  • Power shower is not possible with the combi boilers. The pressure level will be the same as set in the mains water line.
  • It does not come with the water tank so in case it gets broken then there will be no hot water for use.
  • Good main pressure is need for efficient working of the combi boiler.
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