How Hard is it to Grow an Instagram Following?

Sure, you can go from zero to more than 10,000 Instagram followers in a few months, but it isn’t the easiest of tasks to do. So, how do you ensure that you get significant growth on Instagram within a short period? Well, stick to these tidbits.


As the name suggests, this strategy involves automating Instagram activities including liking and commenting on your follower’s posts. The idea here is to show potential followers is that there is a real person behind your account who takes his or her time to engage with the audience. The ripple effect is that you get to connect with more and more people, thus growing your account.

Of course, Instagram automation is a paid service offered by various companies. The catch here is to use a company that will provide all what you want; which is helping you grow your account. And as you may have guessed already, there are many Instagram automation services on the market to choose from. Speaking of which, Anne has some tips for Instagram growth, more specifically the best Instagram automation services to use for your marketing campaign.

Create Stories

It is story time on Instagram these days so be sure to develop a story with your content. Work to capture your follower’s attention with a narrative. Avoid general lines by choosing your words carefully. You can, for instance, create a brief bio or an interview with a successful entrepreneur in your niche.

Come up with a story that ties into emotions. Whether you want your followers to feel inspired, laugh, or stunned, you should aim to elicit emotions with every post. That way, you will keep your audience coming back for more and in the process give your brand the exposure it needs to compete.

Have a Strong Call to Action

Make sure that all your posts have a compelling call to action (CTA) encouraging your audience to follow you. Statistics indicate that including a strong call to action in your content increase the chances of getting followed by up to twenty-five percent. Indeed, your CTA has to be relevant to your photo and different from the one you used in your bio.

Think of it as a way of reminding your target audience that there is an action they should take. In other words, CTAs are a soft way of asking people to follow you. In conclusion, consider asking questions in your captions in a way that encourages people to respond.

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