Growing Your Youtube Channel – With Tube Adder Of Course

I always struggled growing my Youtube account as I’m in a very competitive niche so after I did what most recommend, eg share in on my social profiles, send out an email to my list (everyone simply assumes you have a list of thousands of people), I got like a dozen subscribers and a few hundred views (combined).

Not really something to brag about and I’m already out of options based on what every lame blog post suggest to do so now what? Should I rank my videos for terms like ‘content marketing’? Yeah, good luck with that when there are already thousands of videos on that topic, and the same can be said for the so-called longtail keywords.

With Google’s Rankbrain they interpret what a search phrase means which results in less traffic for longtail as it all gets covered under the same hood. Anyhow enough complaining as there is a solution to grow your channel without exhausting your current fanbase.

Then I ran into a blog from Fred Harrington that mentioned Tube Adder, I was so inspired by this post that I decided to write my own quick guide.

Tube Adder to the Rescue

I really love this tool, didn’t even know a thing like this existed till today so let’s see what it has to offer:

Targeted search tools

It has a search or better-said filter built in that allows you to search based on keywords, and geographics, very useful for local businesses. This allows you to search in profiles, channels, and videos.

Automated channel subscriber

I’m just looking at their features list right now because as I said, I’m rather new to this tool. This allows you to subscribe to channels that are relevant to yours and the bot is clever enough not to follow the same people twice. I’m kind of doubtful about this claim as in my opinion you can’t even follow someone twice but whatever. There’s this neat little function that automatically unsubscribes when they don’t subscribe back to you. Speaking of fair-usage!

Multiple accounts

Their pricing model works based on how many profiles you want to manage, its about 60 bucks for 1 profile, and though it supports multiple profiles you will end up paying more for it, so keep that in mind.

Automated likes & comments

Another core function of this tool, liking & commenting on other people videos, channels, profiles, purely to get in the picture so they can like you back. That’s the only goal here.

Summing it up

It’s quite a simple, and basic bot, but it covers everything you need to have so no need for more fancy bells & whistles. If you’re looking for a decent solution to grow your channel you just found it!

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