The four main Psychic reading ability

There are different types of psychic ability which can be used to receive information that is far beyond the physical but the main ones that are popularly used (which are the Clair mediums) are discussed in the article below. The four main mediums, which are the Clair-cognizance, clairaudience, clairvoyance and the clairsentient, are further explained in the content below.

Clair-cognizance known as clear knowing. It is one of the main psychic reading ability. This is the ability to know something is going to happen. For instance, when you just perceive not to trust your new neighbor or not to get on a plane, without exactly knowing why. This is an example of Claircognizance. It is an important extrasensory perception that you just feel even when you are not a psychic.

Clairaudiences This is the ability to hear voices that cannot be heard with the physical ear. A clairaudient hears voices even when others cannot hear what he heard, examples of what he can hear are voices, music even directions.

Note: when you are in a place and all of you can hear a spirit voice, it is not considered as a clairaudient because all of you heard the voice.

Clairvoyance – This is another important psychic gift that is associated with the ability to see beyond the physical. A person with this gift can see things that will happen in the future or that has happened in the past and can also see what is currently happening in other places even when he/she is not there. However, to be a clairvoyant does not necessary means seeing what has happened or what will happen dramatically like the ones you watch in movies but he/she can see symbols or sign, which will serve as clues and guidance to answers needed.

Clairsentient – It is the ability to receive messages through emotion, feeling and physical reactions. A clairsentient can feel the emotion of others like when they are sad, happy, angry, and curious. A strong and professional clairsentient can even feel it when someone is lying to them. This ability can also be used to receive guidance and message from the spirit world and can be used to check the compatibility of two partners.

These are not all the types of psychic reading talent that we have but these four are said to be the important and widely seek of them all.

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