Creative Ways to Use the Vacuum Sealer

Many people use the vacuum sealer for only one purpose, and end up leaving it idle most of the time. Today we wish to debunk the myth that the vacuum sealer is only for food.

Let us look at other innovative ways to use the vacuum sealer you get from Perfectly Sealed.


Various home items are metallic, and all have this uncanny habit of getting rusty when you expose them to moisture and air. What you need is to find somewhere airtight to store the items.

Storing the tools is necessary when you are not going to use them for an extended period, for instance, if you decide to go on vacation and you need to store the tools. Leaving them in the open means, you have to clean them up extensively before the next use. What you need is a cheap yet effective container. You can use vacuum-sealed bags for this task. You can use the bag to keep mechanical tools, spare parts, and even silver cutlery.

Magazines, Books and Important Documents

Have you ever found torn, yellowing books or documents in your home that you regret storing them that way in the first place? While some books and papers need to look that way to maintain their charm, the rest need to be perfectly maintained.

Using vacuum sealer bags is a great way to preserve the documents that you do not use on a daily basis such as old school certificates, insurance papers, and birth certificates. The paper cannot be punctured, and it will not allow mold and mildew to grow.

Sanitary Products and Liquids

If you are heading on a trip, it is a good idea to protect any fluids that you need to carry. These can include wet wipes, sanitary products and anything else.

Additionally, if you are going camping and you have to carry such items, it is ideal to vacuum seal them so that they do not pour into other items.

Others that you can vacuum store are your clothes. You can do this to keep the moisture away at all times.

There is more to sealing the items in a vacuum bag; you have to make sure they are tightly sealed. The good thing is that these bags are airtight and puncture resistant.

In Closing

You can now use the vacuum sealer creatively to keep your items moisture-free.

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