How to choose best-fit welding gloves

Welding is an art that is fast becoming an integral part of daily constructions and manufacturing life. With recent progress in the welding industry that cuts across major welding types, several gloves also were in use to suit the type of welding that you may want to embark on per time.

Using the right glove is the best way to get the best experience when welding and to prevent accidents that may occur when the right gloves were not used. Therefore, it is important to check on the following qualities before getting a new pair of gloves.

  • Resistance to heat

Resistance to heat is perhaps, the most important factor to consider when buying new welding gloves. In the process of welding for a long time, the gloves will absorb heat, both radiant heat, and thermal heat. Properly insulated gloves that are heavy are the best when there is a need to weld for a long time.

Gloves with lining are a good idea due to its resistance to heat tendencies, while those that come with the additional resistance to cut have edge over just resistance to heat properties.

  • Good coverage

Since it is dangerous to weld without using a proper facemask, likewise it is not a good choice to weld without using proper gloves. Gloves must cover the arms for two major reasons: to prevent burns that may occur from slag and spatter, and to avoid exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

Radiation effect on the skin that may occur during welding is preventable, so it is better to wear gloves that cover the arms properly.

  • Gloves lifespan

Just like any other property that you may acquire, long lasting gloves are better off than those that will not serve long enough to enjoy money spent on acquiring it. It is true that the lifespan of gloves vary with the volume of welding you are engaged in doing, so it is better to consider gloves with longevity history, this will help to avoid the need to buy new gloves every other time.

Welding is fun when the right type of gloves with right qualities are used, that why Welding Wolf, offers the best gloves types in the market, with professional advice on how well to choose your gloves.

Catch the fun while welding, use the best gloves that will protect your arms, and protect you from UV radiations.

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