The Best Content Mills (Writing Platforms) in 2018

Before we get started let’s get some misunderstandings out of the way. Many people often associate content mills with underpaid platforms that squeeze every penny out of their writers but is that really true?

I don’t think so. Take someone with an average 9 to 5 job that works five days a week. How much would such person earn per month, we’re talking about regular jobs here, nothing fancy, and it’s not like you need a solid education to become a writer at one of such places so let’s put the salary at $1,500/month.

Now compare this to a content mill that pays let’s say $7/article. Such an article would only take about 30 minutes to write as the requirements at such rate aren’t all that high. Turn that into an 8-hour work day for and you’d be making $7*2/hour * 8 hours = $560/week. That’s already more than your regular job and it definitely ain’t no sweat to churn our two of such articles per hour.

Now compare this to someone in a low-wage country like Kenya or India and they instantly make a considerable salary that they would never get elsewhere without a high university degree and a very well paid job.

That having been said – the best content mills in 2018

In this article I’m just going to cover a handful of content mills to keep it easy, there’s no need to overload you with an abundance of choice.


They’ve been around for a very long time with rates starting at only 0.6/cents word, for someone in a western country this is definitely underpaid so the critics might be on to something here but for low-wage countries, it’s still a very viable option and as such that’s what you should expect. Writers that don’t manage the English language all that well

Content Hourlies

I don’t want to say this is one of the best content mills but with the lowest payout set at 1.28 cents/word it even allows writers from the US and Europe to make a very decent salary while still being able to work from home. The only downside is that they don’t have an awful lot of work available at the moment.

Hire Writers

Yep, that’s the actual name of the site, with plenty of work available, especially at the 4-star level they are a great choice for starting writers to make a quick buck. The needs of the clients aren’t all that high. Mostly starting affiliate marketers that aren’t shy of some proofreading


They only accept writers from the US and their rates are somewhat disappointing unless you hit level four, which comes with quite a few requirements and demands from clients. Not the very best option but still doable to churn out a healthy income and often there is plenty of work to choose from.

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