Best carpet treatment

Over time carpets have become basic house equipment, they have become so basic as a bed or a chair in modern homes. Not only don’t they make one’s home look beautiful due to their variety of colors but also make the home especially the living room and bedroom feel so comfortable depending on the different texture that exist in the market.

Thou they have all these good qualities they can be really tedious to clean as they are bulky and they may need lot of energy to wash at home and may end up consuming a lot of water. Due to this need there are companies that determined to clean ones carpet at some cost. Just like pieces of clothes carpets are cleaned to remove stains, dirt, sand and allergens. Clean carpets are usually smart and very pleasing to the eye; they also bring a very fresh scent in the house not to mention they are really healthy. Carpets that are clean and well maintained also stay in a form for longer.

There are different carpets cleaning methods in the market; from the manual to the automated methods they basically depend on the type of fabric and the results intended. Here some of the common methods used;

Hot water extraction; this method uses machine that spray the carpet with hot water mixed with detergents and also vacuums to remove the water and dirt. This method is very efficient as it does not destroy the carpets fibre and also no detergent residue is observed. Most of these machines are portable and are mounted on trucks thou they use electric and may cause a disadvantage where there is no electricity.

Steam cleaning; this is done in a similar way with the hot water extraction the main difference is that they use steam instead of water. This method is effective for the fabrics that tend to shrink when exposed to water and also really reduces the drying period.Dry cleaning; this method that uses specialized machines that uses cleaning chemicals to remove the dirt from the fiber. This method is a bit expensive but is very effective and does not destroy the fiber in any way it also has no time wasted on drying.Home remedies; this are methods that can easily be done at home. Vacuum; this is an easy method that is done by using a vacuum cleaner to suck dirt from the carpet. Stain removal this is done depending on the type of stain, different stains have different treatments.

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This is a company that has passion in what they do. Before working on the carpets they carefully examines the fiber type and amount of dirt and hence make the best choice on what method to use. Using some of the best machines in the current market their drying methods takes very little time.

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