Different Types of Garages

3 Different Types of Garages

The first type of garage, which is often people’s first choice due to popularity, is a garage made out of wood. Having a garage door made out of wood offers sturdiness and reliability that other, cheaper materials just won’t be able to provide. Unfortunately, one of the negatives is that it can be dearer, and garages primarily made out of wood require consistent upkeep like repainting and refinishing, especially if you live in a colder, damper environment that wears away at the material. They are aesthetically very pleasing to the eye, however, especially if your house is wood too.

The second type of garage is steel. While not as aesthetically pleasing, steel is another popular choice because it has the sturdiness and reliability of wood without the constant upkeep. As far as pros and cons go steel is the material that has the best value, as it is relatively inexpensive considering how reliable it is. A couple of negatives to remember with steel is that it can rust if it is exposed and that it can dent too, so if you have basketball bouncing teenagers, be forewarned about the risk to your shiny new garage.

Let’s take a moment to mention a couple of the things you can do with the garage itself, regardless of its material. Garages are versatile, practical parts of a house, and serve many different purposes. From converting it into another space entirely like a bedroom with companies like dgconstructionblackpool.co.uk, to giving the car the boot and using it exclusively for all those credit card purchases your wife doesn’t know about, garages are very diverse in their uses, no matter what material.

The third and last most common type of garage is the aluminum garage. Aluminum has something that neither steel nor wood has – it is lightweight, and therefore a great garage making material. However, the lightness gets weighed down somewhat by a hefty price tag – potentially the most expensive material of the lot. It is diverse and practical, however, if you’re prepared to spend upwards of a few thousand dollars solidifying that garage into your much-loved home. It is dent and rust proof, automatically putting it above steel. A fierce competitor with wood, however, if you’re going for lightweight, aluminum is the material to choose.

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